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Join the SA Positive Psychology & Preventative Mental Health Network

We are grateful to Jia and the team at MHPN for managing our network; and to the Department of Health & Ageing for funding the program.

A community of practioners with an interest in strengths vs problem-based approaches to mental health care. Members include including psychologists, GPs, mental health nurses, counsellors & trainers, occupational therapists and social workers. As Network Coordinators, Live Kind Co. hosts the meetings and arranges the guest speakers. We aim to meet via zoom 3-4 times per year, and face-to-face at an annual event (with food!). The network forums provide an opportunity for members to gain insights from the guest speakers and to reflect and share resources following the presentation. Certificates are issued by MHPN for CPD purposes. If you are interested in being one of our guest speakers, please complete the enquiry form above.

Click the link below to join the network, and be notified of upcoming events.