Our Team

Jen Cox & Mandy Lyons met whilst studying to become Certified Trainers for The South Australian Health and Mental Research Institute (SAHMRI). During the weeks of training for SAHMRI’s Be Well Program, they found they shared similar values and a passion to inspire the “givers” of this world, to be kind to themselves… and so they formed Live Kind Co., to realise their shared vision.

Both Mandy & Jen are friendly and authentic trainers who enjoy injecting their shared strengths into their workshops. These attributes of creativity, energy and humour create a warm, trusting and uplifting learning experience for participants.

Mandy Lyons

Jen Cox

2o years into her Occupational Therapy career, and with 3 young children, Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After undergoing a year of surgeries and treatments, Jen realised it was her mental health that had suffered most.  

Whilst distressing at the time, Jen is now grateful for the redirection. She set out to rebuild her cognition, mental wellbeing and resilience. This led her to SAHMRI where she completed their wellbeing training program in 2017.  The training allowed Jen to explore her strengths, fuel her passions including painting, and establish mindfulness and gratitude practices including walking in nature.  It also inspired Jen to become a Be Well Certified trainer for SAHMRI’s Be Well Co.   

Jen continues to practice as an Occupational Therapist with a ‘wellness lens’ that supports her clients to discover and pursue their passions and purpose.  Jen has added wellness coaching and mental health strategies to balance her ‘therapy tool kit’.  Jen also develops wellness tools & training to support allied health staff apply a broader wellness approach to their practice.